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  I’ve just got FoPo!

Hmm… what can I actually do with it?

 Free your foodie imagination and add some naturally good flavour to your favourite meals! Need some inspiration for a healthy start of the day? Add a bit of banana or mango powder to your muesli or yoghurt! How about a special twist to your everyday lunch? It takes only 1 minute to fix a tasty olive sauce to accompany a fillet or salad! And our personal favourite…mohito cheesecake!

I’ve just tried to mix the powder with water, however it does not dissolve entirely…why?

We are really eager to save as much food as we can – and we do that with care. That’s why we use freeze-drying method to preserve all the nutrients and good things inside. Fiber is one of those nutrients which cannot dissolve entirely in water, however it is a great aid, improving your digestive system and keeping you full for longer, derived from pure nature!

What is freeze-drying?

Freeze-drying is a food preservation method which uses the sublimation phenomena. After collection of the food rejects, they are being checked, sorted, washed and frozen. Then, in the freeze-drying chambers, water from the frozen fruits (which would normally keep spoilage bacteria alive) is gently removed by applying low-pressure under vacuum conditions. By avoiding high temperatures, freeze-dried food retains almost 90% of the nutrients comparing to fresh produce! This special drying technique preserves perfectly fruit’s and vegetable’s natural flavour and aroma. The last but not the least…thanks to this special and no-additive preservation technique, we can also extend rejected produce’s life to almost 2 years instead of 2 weeks! Isn’t that awesome!?

        So do you really make it from food waste?

No – we don’t! Our mission is to prevent food from being wasted in the first place and we do that by sourcing and drying food rejects (due to overly strict beauty requirements for food produce) or surplus food, not the already spoiled or contaminated food waste. Fruits or vegetables we source are always checked in accordance with minimum quality and safety criteria set by EU law. We are really careful about not wasting food, but we make sure to produce tasty and safe food product which you can then enjoy with your meals!