About Us


FoPo stand for Food Powder, because we are giving rejected fruits and vegetables another life by gently drying them and turning them into nutritious, sustainable and tasty food powder. 

In short, the powder has much longer shelf-life, preserves all the flavor and aroma and most of the nutrients of the fresh fruits, and is close to indestructible!


How Big of a Problem Food Waste Really Is?

It's so unimaginably appalling that we'll give you a couple examples:

1. Every second, 30 000 € worth of food are wasted and 97 000 kg of carbon dioxide are released into atmosphere from the decaying piles of discarded food.

2. By 2050, 2% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions will be caused by food waste alone. 

From Food Students to Food Heroes

Our international team met during Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Food Innovation & Product Design, and developed FoPo for the Thought for Food challenge. Having backgrounds in different parts of the food industry from R&D through business management to customer insight and marketing&sales helped us to then transform the project into a company.


Joining competitions helped us refine our business plan, expand our network, and raise no-equity funding. Here are some achievements we are proud FoPo won in the last 1.5 years:

Pow(d)ering the Future of Food

We have created a partnership to develop product extensions such as FoPo fruit powder bar with AgroParisTech (France) and application to 3D Food Printing in Lund University (Sweden).  The opportunities are endless!

FoPo Product extensions

If you are interested to know more about us, feel free to send an e-mail to contact@hellofopo.com or one of us directly!


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