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FoPo Food Powder

Awesome Avocado Powder - 20g

Perfectly ripe avocados can be hard to get, so no one can deny the convenience of having a pack of Avocado Powder handy. You can finish the bag today or store it for a few months - the powder will maintain its nutritional value and will inspire you to revolutionize the guacamole dip recipe!


To reduce food waste, this dried powder was made from saved avocados that were too ripe, oversized, or not perfect enough, and would have otherwise been thrown away! Be part of our movement!

Nutritional information per 100 g

Brennwert (Energy): 600 kcal/2511 kJ

Fett (Fat): 55 g

Davon gesättigte Fettsäuren (of which saturated fat): 7.6 g

Kohlenhydrate (carbohydrates): 31 g

Davon Zucker (of which sugar): 1.7 g

Eiweiss (Protein): 7.2 g

Salz (salt): 0.1 g

Ballaststoffe (Fiber): 24.5 g

Ingredients: 99% avocado,0.8 acidity regulator ascorbic acid (Säureregulator Askorbinsaüre)/ 0.2% Citric acid (Zitronensäure), salz 

Made in Israel

Mindestens haltbar bis/Best before: 08/2019

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