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Kathy's FoPo Internship Experience

Kathy's FoPo Internship Experience

My FoPo Experience


Katharina, Sales and Marketing Intern at FoPo


What was you motivation to choose FoPo?


I had never worked at a startup before, and studying International Business, where entrepreneurship is a big topic, I felt the need to do so. Having grown up in Bremen, I looked for a place close to my parents’ home and FoPo was the first to catch my attention. I loved the Idea of working with an international team and using the English I practiced during my studies, but even more working in a business with a social mission.


What was your expectation of your work at FoPo?


Soon after I learned about FoPo I got in touch with Vita, one of the founders. We had a lovely talk about my ambitions and I felt valued right away. All my expectations where therefore based on the team, which seemed so nice and open from the beginning. Them being so open, I expected to be given freedom with my work and decisions and being handed responsibility for my own tasks. Also, I expected to learn more about how startups function, in comparison to other more mature organizations I had worked in.


Where your expectations satisfied?


My expectations where more than satisfied, and the team was just as lovely as I imagined. The fact that the office is situated in a co-working space, made it feel very different to all employments I had before right away. The feeling of being valued, which I got when I had my very first call with Vita, remained the whole time I worked there and everyone was open to my ideas and inputs. I was soon given my own tasks, and all members of FoPo did not treat me like an intern but like a real member of the team.


What did you like most about FoPo?


The thing I liked most was the responsibility I was given. The tasks I was assigned to soon showed positive outcomes, I realized that my work really made a difference, and that this was also noticed by the others. In line with the social and sustainable values FoPo had, every positive reply felt even better, knowing that I could help to improve the sales of the business and at the same time the whole supply chain!


Do you think it was the right decision to choose FoPo?


I would recommend working at FoPo to anyone who asks, since it was the perfect decision for me. My main goal was to connect the theory we learned about entrepreneurship with the reality in a startup and I was able to do that from the beginning. The team was lovely, and I did not only learn a lot for the future but I also met some amazing people working here!