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FoPo Golden Delicious Apple Snowballs

April 07, 2017

FoPo Golden Delicious Apple Snowballs

A quick and healthy snack for cold winter days! No special kitchen equipment necessary, so can easily be done in the office.



              Serving size: 6 balls                                              Time: 3 min
20 g of Golden Delicious Apple powder
3 tbsp of grated nuts (e.g. hazelnuts, walnuts)
3 tbsp water
optional: pinch of cinnamon
Coating: 2 tbsp grated nuts and/or 2 tbsp krokant

1.         Mix apple powder with grated nuts and water
2.         Form the dough by mixing with spoon or fingers
3.         Form 6 small balls and coat them in grated nuts or krokant. Instead of balls you can also form one bar and cut it into pieces to make the preparation even quicker!